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Vibratory Roller

Model: CA250D
Maker Dynapac 
Model CA250D 
Serial No.
Condition Brand New 
Status Available 

A firm foundation is needed for all building to endure. Overall the construction process, foundation is the most important part for all the buildings. Vibratory roller is crucial construction heavy machinery used to consolidate all types of pavement like soil, concrete, asphalt or gravel in order to enhance their durability. The process of compaction is aim to give the ground stronger resistance and higher stability in order to withstand various construction structures.

As its name indicates, vibratory roller has two smooth wheels and internally attached with a vibrator to reach a faster and better result in compaction. Typically, both drums have the same weight, diameter as well as length to ensure equal distribution of force and have the same coverage area.

Besides, its high weight fairly distributes the force to compress or pressure over the surfaces. Also, the high speed vibration helps to spread and blend the particles evenly to form a flat and smooth surface. It is effective in compressing different sizes of particles ranging from fine sand to huge rocks. Therefore, it is more effective to reach ground stability and resistance compared to a conventional road roller. On the other hand, the vibration effect tends to reduce air voids and create greater impact to form a higher compaction density. Construction might face certain risks like crack and collapse if fail to eliminate the air between soil particles. Compaction is an important process which needs extra attention. Indeed, each construction needs a vibratory roller for higher productivity and security.


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